Promessa friends, card no 16

Date: January 18,  2016


Time for a new Card with quotes from our Promessa friends, this time it is Card. No 16 It is winter and a snowy time here on the Island, today a dark day without any sun, so we am happy to give you this, a real favorite Promessa.

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Promessa friends, card no 1

Date: June 01,  2015



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Ragnhilds foto nr  2

Brant is happy and so are we, here at Promessa: -"It is truly one of my best shows and it is getting an excellent response ~ far more than a typical show. You must have many loyal fans!" And Yes ! We get a fantastic support from all around the world. We are.

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“Make the most of life by talking about death” Brant Huddleston´s amazing web page really make this possible. His POD-cast will bring you a lot of new knowledge and information. He is absolutely fascinating. He is coming up with so many good questions.
If you ask me I think that this could be.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Date: December 22,  2014


Our new e-book "Promessa Friends talk" is available.

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There is a "new" method described in some articles right now. There is really nothing new with it, at all. It is very similar to traditional burial. The only real difference is that they speed things up, in time. This method is not taking Natures first choice  into consideration, where.

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More Danes want to be buried ecologically.

Date: October 15,  2014


Latest news from the Danish press "the Copenhagen post": "More and more funeral services in Denmark are being asked to freeze-dry their 'clients' instead of the more traditional burial or cremation services. Michael Ørskov and Dennis Tobiasen, who each operate four funeral service businesses in Zealand, both said that people inquire about.

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Podcast information about Promessa

Date: October 10,  2014


If anyone would like to listen to some information about Promessa, there is a POD cast in 2 parts: Link to part 1 Link to part 2.

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Susanne Wiigh-Masak at TEDxStHelier

Date: September 24,  2014



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