Promessa is proud to announce that we have found a suitable partner for our Promession® concept in Spain!

After careful considerations and an in depth due diligence process, we realized that everything we wanted in a partner, we found in Olga Bolart and her colleagues at Aternia,” says Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak, CEO of Promessa. “Aternia has the right focus in that their mission is to help the Spanish funeral businesses to move forward and become a more modern, environmentally friendly and appreciated business.

Olga Bolart, executive sales representative of Aternia and representative of Promessa in Spain says that “Aternia is working hard so that Spain is one of the first countries where the new improved method of Promession® will be available in an organized and professional manner to the public.

Aternia has the rights to market and sell the Promession® concept in Spain.

Promession is an environmentally friendly method developed to take care of human corpses after death. The concept focuses on letting nature’s preferred method of aerobic decomposition to take place. This avoids the creation of methane gas and pollution of groundwater, which are environmentally problems with traditional burials. For those who prefer ashes and cremation, Promessa has also developed a green cremation method which releases significantly less pollutants, like furans, NOx and Dioxins. Promessa can also guarantee Zero Mercury release,which is impossible with the existing methods of today.

Spain is suffering from the same problems as the death care industry is experiencing around the world, and Promessa as an organization is looking forward to, together with Aternia, be a solution to these problems, and at the same time introduce appealing options to the people of Spain.

Promessa continues to receive interest from many countries around the world, and we look forward to announce more partners as they sign up.


About Promessa:

Promessa is a Swedish company which has developed and offers the environmentally friendly and ecological funeral concept of Promession®. Promession solves the pressing issues in the death care industry of unsustainable land usage and polluting of our vital resources; earth, water and air. Private persons around the world find that Promessa is offering important and appealing solutions to a topic that concerns every one.


About Aternia:

Aternia is a service company that offers innovation solutions in the difficult moments of life.  For a large majority of people, the well-being of the family is a very important issue. At Aternia, we work to ensure that this well-being continues in difficult times of life, such as illness or death and therefore offer alternative funeral services. Aternia is born from the hand of new technologies to offer different, innovative and personalized services where planning, desires and protection of the family are key. It is part of the Always On Group, a group of companies that share a desire to innovate and offer solutions with differentiating values to their customers.

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