Can something be improved within the burial sector? How is it possible the promession® method destroys harmful SARS-CoV-2 and harmful bacteria when talking about burials?

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Promessa team together with the new Promessa Ambassador Annelie Berntsson Berg

During our Promessa Masterclass held in Denmark in January, we not only welcomed our Representative for the Nordic region, but we also welcomed an additional Ambassadors as well.

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Masterclass participants Pretoria South Africa

The last week of February was used to provide our most recent Promessa Representative with our Masterclass education at their Head Quarter in Pretoria, South Africa. Eternal Funeral Services, the funeral branch of the prominent and reputable Living Word Ministry Trust, is the first Representative on the African continent.

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Participants at Promessa Masterclass Denmark

UNIK Begravelse, the Danish Funeral Home run by Mette Marie Nikolajsen have recently become the 9th Promessa Representative to join the growing Promessa worldwide network, and to become the first located in the Nordic region. It is also the 2nd Funeral Home to join the Promessa Franchise after realizing the huge potential of promession for their customers.

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Sunflower field

The United States of America is really showing a huge interest for Promessa and promession and now we are very happy to announce a US representative for a number of the central states of the US.

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Flowering Dogwood

We are happy to announce that Promessa has signed an agreement with a Promessa Representative for the US states of Virginia, West Virginia,and North Carolina bringing the total number of Promessa Representatives up to four in the US!

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Promessa Representative for Chile

Date: January 29,  2018

Lapageria Rosea - National flower of Chile

We are grateful to be able to announce that Promessa has signed an agreement with a Promessa Representative for Chile!

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Promessa Representative in Mid-Atlantic US!

Date: November 15,  2017


Promessa is proud to announce our second Representative for North America, this one located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

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First US Promessa Ambassador In Place

Date: July 25,  2017

World Map with Promessa Friends & Representatives

We at Promessa are glad to announce our first official Promessa Ambassador. It is no surprise to us that the first ambassador comes from the US and the State of California.

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Picture from Alderwood State Park Oregon

We are happy to announce that Promessa has recently signed an agreement with a Promessa Partner for Northwest USA!

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