Ecological burial

Promessa is developing and offering a new method of laying the dead to rest. An environmentally friendly form of burial that takes full consideration of the biological realities to which a corpse is subjected.

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Promession – Ecological burial

The conceptual idea is to combine biological knowledge with a dignified and ethically correct way of being remembered by ones next of kin.
The primary principles are preservation after death in organic form and shallow burial in living soil that quickly converts us to mulch.

How it works

The method behind ecological burial is crystal-clear, easy to grasp and accept. It is based on a new combination of tried-and-tested techniques that prepare the corpse for a natural process of decomposition.


About Promessa

Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak pondered over her idea for an ecological form of burial for 20 years before it was presented. There is a great difference between the burial forms effect on the environment compared to ecological burial.


Latest news

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